Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Intent

Our vision of 'Growing Greatness at Greenfield' is at the heart of our curriculum. We want our pupils to achieve life-long knowledge and skills across the full breadth of subjects and to be equipped with the communication skills and personal attributes to enable them to be successful global citizens.

Our curriculum drivers

Our curriculum is designed to ensure our children are proud of their own background and culture, but are also inspired by the diversity of the wider world and all it can offer.

Based on the National Curriculum, we have developed a Greenfield curriculum which has clearly sequenced content and progression for our mixed-age classes, and which builds cultural capital.  Throughout, children also develop personally, socially and emotionally with specific connections to disciplinary knowledge being made.

Ambitious, subject-specific vocabulary is weaved through the curriculum to enable our pupils to be confident, articulate orators.

Our curriculum is intended to enable pupils to master knowledge and skills, yet is adapted according to their needs. Our “retrieve and revise” approach allows children to create schema that is constantly revisited and enables them to build on the solid foundations of previous learning.

Our Great Greenfield Five values underpin the delivery of our curriculum

Respect: we believe respectful relationships are crucial to the maintenance of a productive and healthy learning environment.

Resilience: children are encouraged to relish challenge, to see mistakes as learning opportunities, to positively seek solutions and to persevere.

Responsibility: we promote self-motivation and the consideration of our actions, including the impact on learning, by working hard and trying our best.

Collaboration: We believe we are better together than alone and provide plentiful opportunities for children to develop academically, socially and morally alongside their peers and the wider community.

Aspiration: We aim to ignite a thirst for knowledge and experiences, and for our pupils to have goals and dreams in the classroom and beyond.

Our Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum is split into a 2-year rolling programme to cater for our mixed aged classes.  We maximise relevant links and connections between subjects.  Pupils develop an understanding of the purpose of each subject in its own right. The different components of a subject are taught (eg structures, mechanisms, textiles etc in Design & Technology).

Units of work are enhanced by a Knowledge Organiser which lists the core facts of the topic.  These are added to books and may be sent home for pupils to self-quiz or to inform parents of the learning taking place.

Each lesson gives opportunities for children to retrieve previous learning, this is often presented in the form of a 'Greenfield Grid' (a question from last lesson, from last week, last term and from last year).  This is followed by an explain section which allows pupils to focus in specifically on the new learning taking place, followed by a model session where the teacher demonstrates how to carry out the task and sets the expectations.  The practise element of the lesson then provides the opportunity for children to apply their learning to carefully selected activities. They are expected to use the taught vocabulary and demonstrate the knowledge and skills taught.

If you have any questions about our curriculum, please contact Mrs Rebekah Brown.