Little Adventurers Montessori Nursery

Kippax Greenfield Primary School caters for children in the age range of 4 – 11. We do not have nursery provision within our school but do have very close ties with ‘Little Adventurers Montessori’ which operates on our school site.

It is important to note that this is a privately run organisation which hires one of the school buildings. It is not part of Kippax Greenfield Primary School and is not subject to the same rules or regulations of the School or Governing Body. The entrance is via the separate nursery building and not our main school entrance.

If you would like further information about Little Adventurers Montessori, please contact them using the details below.

Address: Little Adventurers Montessori, Kippax Greenfield Primary School, Ebor Mount, Kippax, Leeds, LS25 7PA

Telephone: 07546 347 489